Chris Peterson is the main protagonist of Get A Life. He is portrayed by Chris Elliot.

Biography and Personality

Chris is the son of Fred and Gladys Peterson. He still lives with them in their garage in the first season of the show.

Chris starts off as a relatively normal dead-beat at the show's beginning. But as the episodes progress, his mental state deteriorates.

Chris demonstrates extreme delusions of grandeur as seen in the episodes The Prettiest Week of My Life, Paperboy 2000, Bored Straight, and Health Inspector 2000.

He frequently experiences visual and auditory hallucinations and is most likely a paranoid schizophrenic. On top of this, he is shown to frequently switch in between emotions at the drop of the hat which also hints at a possibility of having bipolar disorder.

His lack of awareness towards people's hatred of him or annoyance at his antics leads him to come off as extremely optimistic in most situations.

Living with His Parents

Chris lived with his parents, Fred and Gladys, throughout the course of season one. Each episode would begin with him walking into the kitchen and announcing to his parents his plans for the episode.

Chris' antics and behavior proved to be a burden on his parents as they constantly express their distaste in his lifestyle.

At the beginning of season two, Chris moves out, much to his parents' relief.

Living with Gus Borden

Chris set out looking for a place for rent and came across Gus Borden's house, mistaking the address, 1804 York Ln, for 23 Maple St.

Gus is at first hostile towards Chris, then decides to make some money by renting out his garage to Chris.

Chris is at first frightened of the garage as it is covered with spiders and he believes Gus is a monster who is going to eat him.

Relationship with the Potters

Chris' best friend is Larry Potter. He often times invades Larry's home through an open window or the front door at an inconvenient time for Larry and his wife, Sharon Potter. This is one of the many reasons why Sharon hates Chris.

Chris is shown to be a bad influence on Larry. In the first episode, Terror on the Hell Loop 2000, he convinces Larry to skip out on work so they can go on a theme-park ride. They get stuck and as a result, Larry gets in trouble with Sharon and his boss.

In The One Where Chris and Larry Switch Lives, Chris is trapped in Larry's body and he actually gets Larry fired from work. Fortunately for Larry, Sharon was able to convince his boss to give him back his job.

Season Two:

In Larry on the Loose, Chris accidentally convinces Larry to run away from home, family, and work. He abandons his wife and two children because Chris tells him life is easy being single. Because of this, Sharon loathes Chris even more.

In Meatlocker 2000, Chris and Sharon get stuck in a walk-in meatlocker together and have to hold each other to stay warm. It is here where Chris eventually convinces Sharon to kiss him and the two begin to make out. They freeze and Gus eventually saves them. Afterwards, Chris makes Sharon think that the two of them had sex in order to disgust her.

Relationship with Others

In Married, Chris meets Nicolette Preston, a woman who appears to be his soulmate. The two fall in love, get married, drift apart, experience the drama that an affair can bring to a marriage (Chris almost sleeps with his neighbor), go to marriage counseling, and get divorced all in the same day.

At the end of the day, Chris sees Nicolette outside of a movie theater and encounters her one last time, recalling his times with her and how he'll always look back on them in a positive light. Then he's crushed by a giant boulder.

In Chris Wins A Celebrity, Chris gets to meet a television talk show host, Sandy Connors. Sandy is at first very hesitant to even interact with Chris, as he expresses strong emotions of hatred towards him. Eventually, Sandy becomes enamored with Chris' life and decides to quit his job as a talk show host and live with Chris.

Chris becomes very annoyed with Sandy and starts talking about him behind his back with his parents. Sandy overhears this and runs away, so Chris has to talk him back into being a talk show host and convince him that they are still friends.


It becomes a running joke on the show that Chris dies multiple times. Often times, it is from his asinine behavior towards other characters, so they kill him. Other times, it is his own stupidity or randomness. Here are the episodes in which Chris dies:

  • Pile of Death: a pile of junk that Chris stacks on top of himself in order to break a world record and save his childhood playground collapses and crushes him.
  • Paperboy 2000: after shutting down the homicidal robotic Paperboy 2000 that caused Chris to get fired, it comes back to life and kills him.
  • Married: Chris is crushed by a giant boulder after seeing Nicolette Preston outside a movie theater.
  • The Counterfeit Watch Story: Chris is shot by the police he is working with after ruining the sting operation with his moronic behavior.
  • The Big City: Chris causes the entire population of a city to loathe him and he waits outside the city limits for the populace to forgive him. They do, eventually, after he dies and rots into a skeleton.
  • Neptune 2000: Chris waits for a refund check from the toy company that sold him a submarine that he and his father got stuck in. The refund check arrives when he is 70 years old and he dies in the style of Michael Corleone's death in The Godfather Part III.
  • Psychic 2000: 1. Chris chokes and dies on a bowl of cereal, but then his parents revive him. 2. Chris calls the police on Larry and Sharon, as he believes Sharon is going to be murdered by Larry. Sharon gets frustrated with his nonsense and strangles Chris to death.
  • Chris Gets His Tonsils Out: Chris rushes his recovery from getting his tonsils removed, and as a result, dies of tonsillitis.
  • Prisoner of Love: Gus accidentally shoots Chris multiple times in an attempt to kill Irma, Chris' ex-convict pen-pal, who is holding Chris hostage.
  • Girlfriend 2000: Chris is stabbed by Evelyn.
  • Bad Fish: Gus and Sharon rip Chris' head off and kick it around like a soccer ball.
  • 1977 2000: Chris accidentally drinks a bottle of "Juice That Makes You Explode" and promptly explodes.
  • Clip Show: Chris falls out of a plane, gets shot six times, and lands on a bed made entirely out of plastic explosives and explodes.

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