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Get A Life Wiki is the hub for all information on the cult television show, Get A Life.

Most people who are reading this know why they're here. Because they like the show or they're currently watching and would like to spoil some sort of information about the show. If not, then here's the description. Get A Life was a television show created by David Mirkin, Adam Resnick, and Chris Elliot that lasted two seasons in the early 90s. The show starred Chris Elliot as Chris Peterson, the show's main character. The show was one of the first to have a character who wasn't very likable/did morally questionable things. It was also one of the very first shows to kill its main character (don't worry, this isn't really a spoiler, as Chris dies multiple times throughout the show).

Get A Life has been called a "show ahead of its time" and a "disturbing cult classic". Many people didn't understand the dark humor that filled the show's episodes. Bob Odenkirk and Charlie Kaufman even did some writing for the show before their careers took off to the stars.

Here you'll find an extensive array of information for the characters, episodes, locations, events, and deaths that are found throughout the show.

This Wikia is still in the process of being developed. Not all information has been added yet, but will be in time.

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